SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — As baby boomers age, smartphone technology is making way for smarter hearing aids.

70-year old venture capitalist and audiologist Dr. Mont Stong has been developing hearing aids that could help make them less embarrassing to wear.

Wireless technology and faster processors have made the hearing aids that bridge the gap between the ears and the brain.

“You have heard the term smart phones.  Well, I call them smart hearing aids,” he said.

In the past hearing aids registered every sound at similar levels, making it more difficult for the brain to process what it was hearing.

But, with an iPhone app, users can control the devices with a swipe, even turning off all the sound.

The hearing aids are even Bluetooth enabled, allowing them to be paired to make phone calls.

But, the new technology doesn’t come cheap. Outfitting both ears could cost upward of $7 thousand, which some insurance companies don’t yet cover.

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