OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Drivers in the East Bay may be taken by surprise by a billboard advertising a Nevada brothel.

The billboard along I-580 near the MacArthur exit in Oakland advertising Nevada’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch promises a ‘Bunny Bar and Cigar Ranch.’

“A ranch? Bunny? Is that like one of those sex places?” Oakland resident Jeannette King said.

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The sign is located less than a mile away from a child development center even took Oakland city councilman Noel Gallo by surprise.

“Having a billboard promoting certain activities out of town, it’s not acceptable,” he said.

Parents were upset by the billboard as well.

“I think it’s just inappropriate. It’s a neighborhood with schools and homes and families, and I don’t know who they’re advertising to, but it’s not something that kids should be exposed to,” concerned parent Kala Renz said.

But, the Nevada brothel’s owner defended the advertisement, saying parents should keep an eye on their children, and not his sign.

“Mom and dad should be watching those kids because if they kept them off my website, they wouldn’t know what the Bunny Ranch was,” Ranch owner Dennis Hof said.

He added, “and kids eat free on Tuesday’s.”

Councilman Gallo said he will call the billboard company and ask them to remove the ad.