MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS SF) – Networking giant LinkedIn has charted the movements of recent college grads and found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the Bay Area is among the most popular landing spot for job-seekers and new hires.

The Mountain View social media company charted the migration patterns from 2013 and found that 34 percent of new residents in the area were recend diploma recipients.

The universities cranking out the most soon-to-be San Franciscans were UC Davis, Cal, Cal Poly, UCLA, UCSB and UC Sand Diego. The most common employers for new grads in the area were heavyweights Google, Oracle, Apple, Cisco and Facebook. Out of state transplants were most commonly arriving from the Los Angeles Area, New York, Boston or Chicago.

Paris was the number one destination for new grads, based on the percentages. Washington D.C. was the top U.S. draw.

Here’s the LinkedIn slideshow with the full survey results: