(CBS SF) – For years, business owners have cried foul at the damage one bad Yelp review can do to their business. Now it appears that the balance of power is being restored in the form of patron “performance” ratings.

ResDiary, the Australian restaurant reservation equivalent of OpenTable, is now allowing the eateries to get involved in the reviewing, taking notes on what you ordered, how long you stayed, how nice you were and how well you tipped, according to the Australian culinary website GoodFood. Diners can even be tagged with labels including – loud talker, quick eater, frequent no-show and wine connoisseur.  Since the reservation system is shared by a network of restaurants, the information is available to other operators to tailor their service to that individual.

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Restauranteurs tell GoodFood that the most common info shared is seating preference, wine preference, allergies and tipping habits. They say it helps owners willing to do a little research a big edge in a crowded field.

“I remember Owen Wilson was coming in and finding out he really likes tequila so I made sure the bar was stocked up with tequila…It paid off,” Australian restaurateur Darran Smith told GoodFood.

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Smith admits the system can also be used to prepare for customers that have a history of putting restaurants trough the paces.

“A customer that is rude, obnoxious, complains and doesn’t tip should be noted,” Stevan Premutico, chief executive officer of dimmi.com.au, which operates ResDiary. “This passes some of the power back to restaurants.”

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Premutico says diners who behave better deserve better seats and more upgrades. This system could help them get it.