OAKLAND (KCBS)— An enrollment center for a program to expedite screenings by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is now open in Oakland.

For a fee of $85, applicants will get a five-year-membership in the program, as long as their fingerprints and background check are clear. Melendez said approved applicants can then use a separate security lane at airports.

According to Melendez, passengers identified as pre-check passengers will not have to take their laptop out of their bags, won’t have to take their shoes off, and will not have to remove their outer coat in the shorter lines.

Late last year the TSA announced it would open 300 pre-check enrollment centers nationwide in 2014. TSA Spokesman Nico Melendez said things are right on track.

“We’re at about 280 now. We’ve had 300,000 people sign up around the country,” he said. According to an Inside Bay Area report, the agency began opening enrollment centers last December.

Katie Kimball, who signed up at the Oakland center travels between Oakland and St. Paul, Minnesota often with her toddler son. She said it’s not fun travelling with her two-year-old and that he gets grumpy from standing in the long security check lines.

The Bay Area also has TSA pre-check enrollment centers in San Francisco and Martinez. The Oakland center is located at 2475 W 12th St., Room 104.