SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Target shoppers faced trouble at the cash register again after issues with debit, gift, and EBT cards caused long lines across the country Sunday.

Issues began ringing up Sunday afternoon, with little explanation.

“I think that’s crazy, especially at a big corporation like this can’t get a handle on it is like the scariest thing to me, especially with debit cards,” Target shopper Pat said.

Customers were told to pay with cash, or use credit cards. The confusion led to longer lines, and frustrated customers hoping they won’t see a repeat of a holiday season security breach on Target customers’ credit cards.

“The credit card went pretty well, so I hope everything will be alright,” Target shopper Mark Gayapa said.

Target issued a statement calling the issue a glitch that has nothing to do with past security problems, and apologizing to customers.

The cause of the issue was not identified.

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