OAKLAND (CBS SF) — A security guard seen in a video allegedly beating a wheelchair-bound student made an appearance in an Oakland court Monday to face that video evidence.

Marchelle Mitchell’s defense lawyer says the video, which shows the guard unleashing an attack on the disabled student, doesn’t tell the whole story, and suggested the school and the student are partly to blame for the incident.

Nabiel Ahmed, Mitchell’s attorney says the scuffle may have been caused by aggression from the student.

“It is conceivable that my client was acting self-defense based upon an aggressive student, and a known aggressive student, that his actions may not be morally accepted, but however they may have been justified,” he said.

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Ahmed also suggested that the student doesn’t always need the wheelchair.

“We have information that the student wasn’t 100 percent wheelchair bound,” he said.

Mitchell was forced to forfeit his security guard’s license at least until the case is decided.