(CBS SF) — While technology companies scramble to get into the virtual reality business, Google jumped right in with this do-it-yourself solution: cardboard.

Everyone who attended the annual developer conference Wednesday received a pair of cardboard goggles that work with Android phones. To get it working, simply fold the cardboard to create a viewfinder, insert a smartphone, start the Cardboard Android App and voilà — you’re ready for some homegrown virtual reality action.

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Using a magnet slider on the side, you can do things like watch videos on YouTube or float through space with Google Earth.

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Designed by two employees during their “20 percent time” — what Google calls the time employees are allowed to work on their own projects — the idea evolved out of a mission “to make VR accessible to more people.”

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For those unable to attend Wednesday’s conference, Google published the design files online so you can try making your own contraption out of everyday items found at home or a hardware store.