KING CITY (KCBS) — Prosecutors revealed details, with devastating testimony from a witness, on Thursday about how a car-towing scheme that targeted mostly unlicensed Spanish-speaking drivers was allegedly masterminded by King City Police Sgt. Bobby Carrillo.

Brian Miller, the owner of Miller’s Towing in King City, testified that Carillo made a deal with him to send 20 tow jobs his way in exchange for an impounded Ford Expedition.

Although he is also charged in the conspiracy, towing company owner Brian Miller testified Thursday he was operating as a witness for the prosecution in the hope of eventually avoiding prison time.

Miller was informed of his Fifth Amendment right to not incriminate himself by Prosecutor Steve Somers, from the Monterey County District Attorneys Office, but waived his right when he took the stand and affirmed many of the prosecution’s accusations.

Miller also said that Carrillo also received at Trans Am, a Honda and several other vehicles there were part of an impound-towing scheme allegedly targeting poor and mostly Latino, unlicensed drivers.

“These cars that were impounded; these were people that were people that can afford it least,” King City Mayor Robert Cullen said.

“These were hard-working people that were taken advantage of if this all proves to be true.”

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The preliminary hearing is result of a sweeping investigation of the King City Police Department that led to the arrest of six officers last February including acting police chief, Bruce Miller—Brian Miller’s brother.

Bruce Miller is accused of accepting a 1995 Nissan Maxima as a bribe.

According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the testimony will continue Friday afternoon.