MOUNTAIN VIEW (KCBS)— Two Caltrain conductors were attacked in Mountain View over the weekend by a pair of allegedly drunken passengers. Despite this occurrence, Caltrain says it has no plans to change its policy regarding allowing consumption of alcoholic beverages on trains.

The attack happened at the San Antonio Caltrain platform when two passengers who had been seen drinking vodka were being escorted off the train by conductors. One of the female passengers then turned and struck a female conductor several times in the head. She was arrested and no serious injuries were reported.

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Some passengers, like Dee Hopkins, are asking if alcohol consumption should be allowed on trains.

“It’s no good. I feel people abuse alcohol and they start to get a little liquid courage. Things start to occur; crimes, fights,” he said.

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Caltrain spokesperson Christine Dunn said their liberal liquor policy is actually an advantage to the public.

“That gives people a way to enjoy the day while staying off the roads and not creating a hazard for drivers

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Caltrain does restrict alcohol consumption after 9:00 p.m. on special event days, like Giants games and soon, 49ers games.