OAKLAND (KCBS)— Oakland’s police dispatch center has undergone a $750,000 upgrade in technology and equipment. The center, which receives an estimated 1,500 calls a day now meets 21st century standards and improves communications between the public and police.

Assistant Police Chief Paul Figueroa said improved work stations provide for an easier flow of information.

“It’s really important that we have the latest technology, that we have the latest ability to really give the dispatchers (at their fingertips) the information they need to not only help our community members, but also help the officers in the field,” he said.

It’s been years since the city gave dispatchers a better working environment. According to Mayor Jean Quan the technology hadn’t been upgraded for a decade.

“This center with its new equipment is more efficient, provides much more information. You go in and you’ll see multiple screens, giving them the kind of information they need to help police officers,” Quan said.

The center operates with 65 dispatchers, but there are also openings for 10 positions. The objective now is to increase staffing so more calls can be taken at the center, which receives 600,000 calls a year.