SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Turnout at the 2014 San Francisco Pride Parade set records for the number of spectators and floats, but perhaps even more significant is the overwhelming support the event now receives from businesses, including some of Silicon Valley’s most high-profile firms.

Apple, Google, Yahoo and Facebook now annually send contingents in the hundreds to the event, and spend days leading up to it gearing up both the participants and even their own campuses. And documenting their efforts at pride celebrations around the county.

“It’s a dog whistle to their consumer base that these tech firms are cool, with it, and progressive,” Fred Sainz, vice president of communications and marketing at the Human Rights Campaign told Reuters.

Apple may have sent their biggest contingent yet, according to CEO Tim Cook, who himself was ‘outed’ on national television last week.



Also telling is the number of big tech firms now listed among the event’s sponsors, including Facebook, Intel, Oracle, SalesForce, Apple, Genentech, Netlix, Airbnb and Uber.

The hashtag #sfpride even pops up a rainbow flag icon or (hashflag), much like the ones assigned to all countries playing in the World Cup.


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