SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee’s office is keeping quiet after photos surfaced of the mayor’s entourage violating a few parking laws.

A man known as Terrapin_SF on twitter, or Andy Cooper in real life tweeted the series of photos, which show the mayor’s car parked in a traffic lane.

“He just pulled right here in front of the traffic lane where the bus goes by. And, why would you move from a perfectly good spot to an illegal spot?” Cooper said.

To be clear, it wasn’t the mayor driving his car, it was his security detail, an SFPD officer.

But, the San Francisco Police Department said the pictures don’t tell the whole story, and that the officer was trying to find a new place to park while the mayor was inside a shop.

As the officer waited for one car to move, the mayor decided to leave earlier than scheduled. So, the officer pulled in front of the shop.

“It’s obviously King Mayor Lee, because how dare he have to walk more than six steps from the door of one business to another,” Cooper said.

SFPD says staying close to the mayor is a tactical move, in case of an emergency where the mayor needs to bolt.

That wasn’t the only time the mayor has been under fire for his entourage’s parking practices.

Streetsblog San Francisco posted another photo taken of the mayor’s car allegedly illegally parked in a bus zone.

Lee is not the only Bay Area mayor dealing with car-related trouble. Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland is under scrutiny after a photo showed the mayor checking her phone while behind the wheel, and being involved in a fender-bender last month.