SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The mixture of drones and fireworks have sparked headlines in recent weeks, with some claiming the time has come to regulate the flying crafts and ensure that they don’t interfere with the pyrotechnics shows. But a local man’s recording also has provided shows just how widespread fireworks use is in the Bay Area.

A scan of YouTube shows that the use of drones to capture fireworks displays is on the rise as private ownership of the crafts increases. This recording of a New York City display from Friday demonstrates why the idea appeals to drone owners:

On San Francisco Mission resident wanted to capture the fireworks show Friday night, but skipped the Embarcadero in favor of the Mission District, where Eddie Codel’s camera captured “unofficial” displays.

Those illegal pyrotechnics came in several bursts and were recorded from as little as a few blocks away. The fireworks appears to be set in the middle of public streets.

In just the past week, illegal fireworks have been blamed for blowing off the hands of South Bay men, linked to local wildfires and allegedly hurled at police.