SAN BRUNO (CBS SF) — A San Bruno woman is trying to evict a tenant she accuses of defrauding landlords, and being a serial squatter.

Sandy Ta says Debbie DeRivero, her tenant in a San Bruno rental unit has been defrauding landlords for seven years, and that her research shows the woman has been evicted as seven times over that period. KPIX 5 was able to confirm three of those evictions, including Ta’s case.

Ta says DeRivero wrote a bad check from a closed account for her rent and security deposit a day before moving in, and after giving her a second chance, decided to evict.

“When we asked her about it..she basically gave a sob story she’s recently divorced, her husband cleared out her account, she has no money to pay,” Ta said.

Ta went as far as posting a warning to other landlords on Craigslist, which she says prevented at least one potential landlord from renting to DeRivero.

KPIX 5 was only able to reach DeRivero by phone, and she denied the accusations.

Ta said they aren’t likely to see any of the back rent from DeRivero.

“She has other collection agencies after her.  So, we dont think it’s really worth it going to small claims court.”

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