VACAVILLE (KCBS)— Inmates at the California Medical Facility, a male-only state prison in Vacaville, are finding that one particular dog is not their best friend. Drako, a Belgian shepherd, is trained to sniff narcotics and smuggled cell phones.

A specially-trained dog at the California Medical Facility in Vacaville is making a big impact at the prison.

Dana Simas of the California Department of Corrections said the Belgian Malinois reached a milestone recently since he began his beat.

“Over the last four years since he has been with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, he has found 1,000 cell phones,” Simas said.

Cell phones are a major problem, often smuggled in by visitors or staff.

Simas said it makes it easier for inmates to track down the whereabouts of their enemies when cell phones get into the wrong hands.

“It’s also [a way] of allowing prison gangs to run street gangs and call out hits,” she said.

She said the state corrections department has added 30 canines that are trained to combat contraband cell phones in prison.