SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— I don’t know too many people that would make samosas at home, but they’re really popular items on the menu at Indian restaurants. Frankly, they seem to be a lot of work. Visualize a layer of dough folded up into an intriguing three sided puff (except the bottom side only gets a single layer of pastry).

It’s like a stuffed pyramid and it can be filled with all kinds of things. One of the more common fillings is potato and green peas. If you don’t have the time or know how in the kitchen, there’s a frozen, pre-packaged brand at the store called Ashoka that’s handmade in India.

I always like to read the ingredient list before I do anything with prepared foods. This flavor really pops with ingredients like fresh chiles, potatoes, peas and fresh ginger paste just to name a few.

All the ingredients on the packaging are individually listed. There are no preservatives here. I baked some in the oven and they were pretty good, but they’re even better deep fried.

This item is imported by the Milan Market on University Avenue in Berkeley and from what I understand; they’re a hot commodity being sold to restaurants.


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