SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — “Montana back to throw… sees Rice… lets it go… complete!!”

A dream team of 49ers took the field at Candlestick Park for the final time in what can only be described as the greatest pickup game in flag football history.

There was Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jeff Garcia, Roger Craig, and more… and a crowd estimated between 25 and 30,000.

“It was priceless. Really, the fans make it,” said former 49er Brent Jones. “And that’s what we’ll remember about this place – it’s about the fans, the Bay Area, and a legendary organization.”

“As we grew up, the way we saw our parents, it was Sundays for football,” said Dianne Lindquist.

The Lindquist family came all the way from the East Coast to see this game.

And as so many times before, a legendary rivalry broke out in the stands, as fans demanded more Joe Montana and less Steve Young.

In the end, there was plenty of good food, lots of good company, and a good game. This was truly a trip down memory lane.