SAN DIEGO (KPIX 5) — Good Samaritans subdued a suspected carjacker in San Diego, saving a woman and girl in a dramatic scene all caught on camera.

Cries can be heard on the video coming from the inside the minivan as the young girl witnessed her mother trying to fend off the carjacker when a group of bystanders jumped in to stop him.

Aaron Leaf shot the dramatic video on his cell phone.

“I see a guy in the backseat choking out the driver, and there were a couple other people at the window that were grabbing the keys from him,” Leaf said.

Seconds later, 21-year old Ismael Hernandez is pulled from the car onto the pavement, where he was subdued by the group of men.

“I was really just trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Once I realized, I didn’t really feel sorry for the guy,” Leaf said.

The men kept Hernandez on the ground until police arrived. He is facing multiple charges, including kidnapping, carjacking, and drug use.

The entire video can be seen here.