(KPIX 5) — After Google executive Forrest Hayes’ death from a heroin overdose aboard a yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor was linked to a high-priced prostitute, many were left wondering how a high-powered tech worker got mixed up in a world of call girls and deadly drugs.

Silicon Valley Call Girl Pleads Not Guilty In Google Exec’s Heroin Overdose Death

Jack, another Silicon Valley tech executive whose seven-figure salary has him working 14-hour days shared a similar story. Jack had a fancy home, and a smart and attractive wife, but still felt the need to use escort services.

When asked why he would risk all that, Jack says “the high you get from risking it. That’s the addiction.”

Jack found his dates on MyRedbook.com, an escort review service that was raided by the FBI last month.

Before Jack’s wife found incriminating emails and divorced him, he says he had spent over $100,000 over five years on the hookers, hotel rooms, and pricey dinners.

Dr. Elaine Brady, a sex addiction specialist says a factor in these decisions is what she calls the “nerd in high school factor.”

“Never dated, weren’t popular, but they started making money, and now they discover that women are interested in them. They missed out earlier in life, and now they’re in a process of making up,” Brady said.

Jack, who has been in therapy over a year says to be careful with the money and power the Valley can bring.

“In this environment you get skewed very quickly. The pace at which it works at, it’s an inch today, but tomorrow it’s a mile away.”

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