By Brandon Mercer

(CBS SF) — A photo apparently taken Thursday morning at Amsterdam’s airport and posted to Facebook appears to be a joke made as a passenger boarded Malaysia Flight MH17, writing in rough translation, “If my plane disappears, here’s what it looks like,” in reference to Malaysia Airlines’ other tragedy, the disappearance of flight MH370.

The photo was posted by a Dutch man named Cor Pan, who appears to have been on the passenger list of the downed airliner. Pan’s post has now been shared nearly 6,000 times across the Menlo Park-based Facebook social network.

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295 people on board the flight to Kuala Lumpur from the Netherlands are feared dead after the Boeing 777 disintegrated and plummeted to the ground as it approached the Russian border.

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A surface-to-air missile is thought to be the cause of the crash that killed as many as 23 Americans.

The other Malaysian flight disappeared in the South Pacific back in March, with 239 people on board. Bay Area tech companies helped in the search for the wreckage.



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