With many of the world’s most valuable companies centered in the San Jose area, salaries for information security analysts are well above the national average. But according to the University of Maryland, most positions in cyber security require at least a bachelor’s degree. With an extensive career in technology, Yo Delmar, Vice President of GRC Solutions at MetricStream, has valuable advice for people interested in a career in information security.

(Photo Courtesy of Yo Delamar)

(Photo Courtesy of Yo Delmar)

What is your background and level of education?

“I have degrees in mathematics and computer science from Dalhousie University. I started my career working on systems integration projects and later earned an M.B.A., in addition to certifications as a Management Consultant, Information Security Manager and in the Governance of Enterprise Information Technology.”

What career advice can you offer to people interested in a career in your industry?

“I recommend keeping yourself close to four core areas when building a successful career in technology.”

“Stay true to your passion. Make sure that you are working on initiatives that really feed your heart, mind and soul. Technology is constantly changing, so there will always be something new, but doing what really inspires you is how you will thrive.”

“Maintain your integrity. Work with integrity in everything you do — the way you work with others, your team, your customers and your partners stays with you as a personal brand. You are building a network of people who will be woven into the fabric of your career over many years; and how you present yourself, and what you stand for, will come back to you many times over the years.”

“Keep a work/life balance. Remember that you need time and space to relax and experience life from many different perspectives. Being ‘always on’ will simply wear you out and erode both your passion and your integrity. Spend time with family and friends and develop mastery in things that are far away from what you work on in your career.”

“Plan a graceful decline. At some point, you may seek to engage in other kinds of activities that are more centered around giving back to the community and mentoring. Plan a graceful decent that will continue to reward you and will allow you to give back to the industry.”

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