DUBLIN (CBS SF) — Bay Area water agencies are getting tough on water-wasters.

The Dublin-San Ramon Services District is slapping big fines on repeat offenders.

Lush green lawns and gardens come at a price during a drought. Water them and you will face fines of up to $500.

Through the Public Records Act, KPIX 5 obtained the list of 82 homeowners and businesses in the District who ignored their first warning and now have to pay up.

The list includes Toyota Dublin, who got caught over-watering their landscaping.

“Yea, we were surprised when we got the notice,” said Lance Tenwolde of Toyota Dublin. “We realize there’s a drought, and we follow the guidelines now.”

The Bright Horizons Daycare Center said they had a broken pipe and they’ve since fixed it.

Dozens of private homes in San Ramon were also fined for using more than their 640 gallons a day allotment.

The water department has heard all the excuses, like “I have to wash my car.”

District officials say people should go to professional car washes where they recirculate the water.

Jesse Villar goes to the treatment plant three times a week to get the free treated recycled water for his lawn.

“It’s not totally brown, but a little bit better,” said Villar.

His neighbors just gave up — they call their lawns “California gold grass.”

Toyota Dublin learned its lesson. They spent $16,000 to hook up to the city’s recycled water pipes.

“Nobody’s yelling at us anymore,” said Tenwolde.