STOCKTON (CBS SF) – Google Inc. has confirmed that they no longer own the East Coast version of the Google Barge, a structure that was built in a shroud of secrecy at the same time as one constructed off of Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay.

Last fall, KPIX 5 uncovered plans for the mystery structure to become a massive floating showroom for Google and their Google Glass wearable technology. It was later revealed that the Maine project was also under construction.

The estimated $35 million projects quickly became buried in red tape, as naval and land-based officials tried to determine if proper protocol and permitting processes were being observed. In February, the Bay Area vessel was moved to Stockton amid complaints about insufficient permits. Few developments have come out about the plans for the showrooms since that time.

On Thursday, the Portland Press Herald revealed that the East Coast Structure, docked at the Portland Harbor had been sold to an international company for scrap.

There’s no word from Google or the Port of Stockton on the current status or future plans for the Bay Area barge.