by Bill Disbrow

(CBS SF) – Let’s face it, you and your fantasy draft have lost that special relationship. It’s nearly impossible to get everyone to agree to a date an time, and even when you do people start losing interest half way through. It’s time to change that. More and more people are severing ties with the serpentine draft format and opting to auction instead. Here’s why you and your buddies should do the same:

1) Get Any Player You Want
Gone are the days when Adrian Peterson was pretty much drafted before anyone even showed up on draft day. With an auction format, owners take turns nominating players and then everyone in the league gets the chance to bid. The only thing stopping you from getting Peterson and LeSean McCoy is your budget. But if you’re willing to sacrifice elsewhere, you’re going to get your guys. It just requires…

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2) Use More Strategy
You know your pals have a thing for their favorite team, right? Why not nominate those players early and force your friends into a bidding war? You can swoop in later and get better values when they run out of cash. But be careful, don’t look too eager to get anyone or you might set off bidding on a guy you thought you could get for a bargain. There’s a lot to consider, which leads us to…

3) Have More Fun
In an auction draft everyone is paying attention all the time because you don’t want to be out grabbing a beer when your sleeper pick gets nominated. The action is constant. Nobody is stuck at either end of the round waiting half an hour between picks. However…

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4) Take Your Time
Some might see this as a downside, but if you feel no shame about being a fantasy football nerd you know that the draft can be one of the most fun days of the year, especially if you’re spending the time together instead of drafting online. Why rush through it? If you do an auction you’ll have more time for…

5) Make More Fun Of Your Friends’ Mistakes
Is one of your buddies going to spend half his money on Raiders running backs or Jacksonville receivers? Maybe he or she will overpay for a kicker on a bad team? Now you’ve got plenty of time to shame them while you pick up better players for less money. And after all, isn’t all that smack talking what fantasy sports is all about?

When it comes time to set up this years draft, just keep this in rule in mind: Auctions are fun in both fantasy football and real life. Snakes, on the other hand, should be avoided.

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