SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Supervisor John Avalos wants to know what’s going on with City Business Center on Mission Street in the Excelsior, which was told to close down in April because it allowed internet gambling on its computers.

“There are machines there that are equipped with applications and hardware that allow for people to play Keno, online poker and then cash out if they win,” Avalos said.

Following neighborhood complaints about unsavory behavior around several Internet gambling cafes, the city attorney filed a suit that shut down Net Stop and another business closed voluntarily.

Police told City Business Center to get out of the gambling business in April but nothing there has changed as Avalos is losing patience.

“I was so frustrated with how long it took to close down Net Stop and Cyber Time and that this has persisted, it’s pretty frustrating,” he said.

City Business Center is reported to be hanging on by a legal technicality and an appeal filed in a related case.

Meanwhile, the city attorney’s office is still working on a way to padlock the business.