SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – From the outside it looks like any other office building, but inside the new San Francisco offices of DPR Construction the hallmarks of green building are everywhere.

Light-sensitive skylights, huge ceiling fans and even a living wall let visitors know, this space is special. DPR, the building’s designer wants to get ahead of the game by using their first of its kind office as a living lab.

“We are the first net zero energy designed office building in San Francisco,” says DPR Regional Manager Mike Humphrey. “We designed with flexibility to it to be experimenting.”

Net Zero means that, in a course of a year, the 24,000 square foot building will generate more power than it needs; enough to sell some power back to the grid.

In the next decade, California’s Public Utilities Commission is looking to make net zero construction the standard for all new homes and offices.

Get a look inside DPR’s facility here:

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