By Kiet Do

PALO ALTO (CBS SF) — New technology could make it easier to find a parking space in Palo Alto with an idea to give drivers information about open spaces in city garages.

At certain times of the day, like lunchtime, parking in Palo Alto can be a major pain.

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Entrepreneurs say it’s bad for business when trying to have a meeting and a potential client is circling the block multiple times looking for an open spot. Neighbors have also been getting upset about drivers parking further out in the surrounding neighborhoods.

It’s inspired the city to turn to high-tech to help with the continuous parking problems.

For $2 million, sensors would be installed to detect how many parking spots are open, in the garage for example, and relay that information to drivers on the street.

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Palo Alto has even hired its very first parking manager.

“We are looking at building new parking garages and at the same time maximize the use of our existing facilities,” said Palo Alto Parking Manager Jessica Sullivan. “Our hope is that it will allow people coming into downtown to know that there is parking over here and not over there so they won’t drive around the block ten times looking for a spot.”

A lot of garages now can tell you about how many open spots there are on a display board at the entrance. But to transmit that information to drivers before arriving could be a further improvement.


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