SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The San Francisco Giants’ protest over Tuesday’s fiasco with the tarp at Wrigley Field was upheld. That game against the Chicago Cubs will be replayed from the bottom of the 5th.

Amid questions about whether the Cubs had enough people working the tarp, the 49ers moved practice from Levi’s Stadium because of divots on the new turf at the Santa Clara stadium.

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John Madden talked to the KCBS Morning Team about how NFL teams manage their turf, and how rare are the experts that can build a new field from scratch that can handle ten guys that weigh more than 300 pounds a piece pushing each other.

“Any kid that grew up and he wanted to work on grass, wanted to be a grass guy, I think he’s gone to golf.”

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Coach Madden reminisced about the days of playing on painted dirt, when mud would fly enough to obscure the players’ numbers. Now teams are concerned about the length of the grass blades and whether the surface is friendly enough to cleats.