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SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — The “Madden NFL 15″ football video game debuted Tuesday with much anticipation.

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The annual release of the newest game in the series is a cultural event of sorts for the industry. Blog posts have been leaking ratings for players of various NFL teams, the creation of user guides for hardcore players and gamers stood in line until midnight to get themselves a copy.

It’s one of the biggest moneymakers for developer Electronic Arts The game reliably sells about 6 million to 7 million copies a year.

Madden told KCBS he’s amazed how far the graphics have come and that he’s glad that “Ratings Czar” Donny More is responsible for rating each NFL player and not himself.

“I’m glad they took it off me because the players use to blame me and when I was broadcasting I would go to practice every week and meet with players every week and that was the number-one topic,” he said.

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“It was their speed. That is the thing that always got them. It wasn’t the overall grade as much, but they all used the term “juice.” ‘I need more juice. How come you didn’t give me more juice? I have more juice than that guy but in the game, he has more juice than I have.’”

Meanwhile back in the real world, Oakland Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub missed his second straight day of practice Monday with a sore throwing elbow that has lingered throughout the preseason. Rookie Derek Carr took first-team snaps for a second straight day with Schaub sitting on the sideline.

The predicament has some has led some to think that that the Raiders have another Matt Flynn situation on their hands.

“I think whoever is saying that is digging a little too deep. I would hope that it’s not anything. I hope that, for the Raiders’ sake, Schaub can play because if they took another hit there, picking up a guy that really can’t play, that will be tough,” Madden said.

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“Eventually when you draft Derek Carr, eventually you’re going to play him, you know that, when you draft them that high, but what we’re talking about is the space between right now and the time that Derek Carr is ready to play.”