PHOENIX (CBS SF) — A serial stowaway arrested multiple times in California has been arrested in Phoenix, Arizona.

62-year old Marilyn Hartman was spotted Tuesday at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport attempting to enter a security checkpoint without a ticket, according to Phoenix police.

Hartman was given a warning by security to leave the area, but airport personnel recognized her loitering in the area again without a ticket, and she was arrested.

Previously, Hartman had gotten onto a flight without a ticket from Mineta San Jose International Airport to LAX on Aug. 4 and was arrested upon landing in Los Angeles, airport police said.

She was placed on 24 months’ probation and released last Wednesday after being ordered to stay away from LAX unless she had a valid ticket for a flight, Mateljan said.

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But she showed up the next day and was seen wandering from terminal to terminal at the airport and was arrested shortly afterward, Mateljan said.

She was sentenced to 177 days in jail after she admitted violating her probation in the two incidents in Los Angeles, but was released just days later due to overcrowding.

Hartman tried several times earlier this year to board flights from San Francisco International Airport to Hawaii but was unsuccessful, San Mateo County prosecutors said.

After her fourth failed attempt, prosecutors had her placed on May 23 into a mental health probation program. However, she again tried to board flights at SFO twice in July.

The Transportation Security Administration and Southwest Airlines are investigating how Hartman got onto the flight last week without a ticket, San Jose airport officials said.

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