SANTA CLARA (CBS SF) — The general manager of the San Francisco 49ers said Tuesday it remains to be seen whether defensive lineman Ray McDonald will play in Sunday’s season opener at Dallas following his arrest on domestic violence charges, but reiterated head coach Jim Harbaugh’s earlier statement Tuesday denouncing such alleged behavior.

“Domestic violence is unacceptable, and it certainly won’t be tolerated,” said Trent Baalke.

“There is due process, we are still in fact-finding mode,” said Trent Baalke. “Nothing has been determined at this point.”

Baalke said the team was also gathering its own information on the alleged incident and it was still unclear when the 49ers would decide on McDonald’s status as the court process plays out.

“I don’t know that we’ll wait for court process … We’re in the mode of finding most facts we can, talking to as many people as we can and trying to make the best decision for everyone involved.”

In the locker room Tuesday, McDonald’s teammates were standing by him and saying the arrest won’t keep them from focusing on this weekend’s game.

“Everybody supports Ray here … his side will come out. I think Ray’s a great guy, everyone in this locker room thinks Ray’s a great guy,” said offensive lineman Alex Boone. “I think everyone’s fine right now.”

Tight end Vernon Davis said the adversity McDonald is going through could end up being a positive.

“When you face adversity, it could be a good thing,” said 49ers tight end Vernon Davis. “No one wants to be in trouble, no one wants to have to deal with the cops or anything like that. But when you’re in a situation and you find yourself just, upside down, later on look when you look at it, look at it as a positive. Not at the moment, but later on look at it as a positive.”

The district attorney will decide what, if any, charges McDonald will face in court.

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