SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— An increasing amount of registered voters have lost their political appetite for President Obama according to a new Field Poll. The poll shows a sizable decline in the president’s job approval rating.

Almost as many respondents now disapprove of the job the president is doing (43 percent) compared to those who approve (45 percent). His approval rating is down from 62 percent at the start of his second term in the Oval Office.

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“The most recent decline over the past three months has mainly occurred among his strongest supporters,” said poll director Mark DiCamillo. According to him, the president’s approval rating is down 8 percent among all registered Democrats in the state. For the Bay Area that figure is down 7 percent.

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“As you get to the end of a second term, problems just accumulate with different constituencies,” DiCamillo said.

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The Poll also finds a majority of Californians continue to have negative views about the overall direction of the country. 51 percent said the United States is seriously on the wrong track, while a little more than one-third said the country is headed in the right direction.