SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A Twitter account associated with the terror group ISIS has been shut down by the social network after tweets were posted calling for the assassination of Twitter employees, seemingly in response to Twitter clamping down on accounts associated with the jihadist group.

The @dawlamoon account purportedly represents Al Nusra Al Maqdisia (The Supporters of Jerusalem) — a group that pledged loyalty to ISIS (also known as ISIL) and claimed to have participated in the Gaza war on its behalf, according to online news site Vocativ.

Vocativ reported it was impossible to independently verify whether the account reflects official ISIS policy, but said the group is frequently referenced in online ISIS forums

Twitter shows the @dawlamoon account as ‘suspended’ following the threats to Twitter staff posted early Monday afternoon.

Vocativ posted a series of ISIS tweets from @dawlamoon along with the translations from the originals:

“#The_Concept_of_Lone_Wolf_Attacks The time has arrived to respond to Twitter’s management by directly attacking their employees and physically assassinating them!! Those who will carry this out are the sleepers cells of death.”

“#The_Concept_of_Lone_Wolf_Attacks Twitter management should know that if they do not stop their campaign in the virtual world, we will the bring the war to them in the real world on the ground.”

“#The_Concept_of_Lone_Wolf_Attacks Every Twitter employee in San Francisco in the United States should bear in mind and watch over himself because on his doorstep there might be a lone wolf assassin waiting.”

“#Attacking_Twitter_Employees is on the agenda of mujahedeen and lone wolves who are across Europe.”

The social network has recently stepped up efforts to suspend accounts affiliated with the jihadist group, which has shown itself adept at disseminating its propaganda across Twitter.

ISIS, or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, follows a ultra-strict interpretation of Islam and their jihadists have overrun cities in Syria and Iraq. The group claims credit for beheading two American journalists and have posted scores of videos and images of their execution victims.


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