SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Anger is growing in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood as homeless camps and trash-filled RV’s invade the streets.

San Francisco recently started a new program making it illegal to park large vehicles like RV’s in forty designated areas of the city. But, a span of the Potrero Hill neighborhood called the Design District anchored by 16th and Vermont Streets is not part of program.

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“It’s a homeless convention going on here on Potrero Hill,” resident Kelly Keith said.

The director of the mayor’s homeless outreach program Bevan Dufty says the city is trying to find ways to solve the problem.

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“We’ve definitely gotten an uptick in complaints. We’re going to go and look and see if we can engage with people and see how we can get them on a better path to getting housed,” Dufty said.

Some neighbors say the camps are creating a health hazard.

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“They’re drinking and shooting up drugs. They’re not even capping the needles,” Kelly Keith said.