SAN JOSE (KCBS)— A new effort has been launched in Silicon Valley to raise funds for legal representation of undocumented minors detained at the U.S. border. San Jose-based Mi Pueblo Foods Chairman Juvenal Chavez says he’s hoping to raise more than $75,000 from customers at his 21-store chain.

“I’m involved with this because this is the right thing to do. I’m a father. I have three beautiful sons. For the Latino community, our family is what really matters. This is a good cause that affects everyone in our community,” said Chavez.

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San Francisco Law School spokesman Rolando Bonilla said for kids detained at the border, having representations makes a huge difference.

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“For every 10 children at the border right now without legal representation, only one stays in this country. The moment you bring a lawyer into the equation— of those 10 children, five get to stay. The San Francisco Law School thought that this was the right thing to do in terms of putting our skills to practice at the front lines of a humanitarian crisis,” he said.

Bonilla said everyone deserves legal representation.

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Meanwhile, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors recently directed county officials to create a program to host refugee kids.