SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – The folks living at the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge may live in one of the most vibrant cities on earth, but they don’t reside in the best county in California, according to the Real Estate website Movoto.

Movoto, which monitors housing trends, ranked all 58 California counties on income, unemployment, rent, home price, poverty level, education and average commute time.

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“If you’re looking to find the best area to raise a family, get educated, and build a great life, these 10 counties are exactly what you’re after,” claims Movoto.

The results indicate – as many locals suspect – that the Bay Area is the best place in California to call home. San Mateo (2), Santa Clara (3) Napa (7) and San Francisco (10) joined Marin on the Top Ten List. The coastal counties bordering Los Angeles made up the bulk of the rest of that list.

“The race for No. 1 here wasn’t even close, and that’s really no surprise to anyone who’s ever spent much time in Marin,” reports Movoto. “This county ranked first in low unemployment rate, high median household income, median home price, and median rent. It also had the second lowest number of families below the poverty line.”

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Those same factors helped push Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties into the top three.



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