PALO ALTO (CBS SF) — It’s the day Apple (AAPL) groupies have been waiting for. On Friday, the Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus went on sale across the country.

Hundreds of people were wrapped for blocks outside the Apple store on Market Street in San Francisco overnight, braving long lines in camping chairs and tents, all for a chance to be among the first few to buy the new smartphones.

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The excitement level was especially high in Silicon Valley where some enthusiasts like Todd Young of Fremont camped out for days in front of the Apple Store in Palo Alto.

Young told KCBS’ Mike Colgan that he’s been there since Tuesday at 1 p.m.

“I personally feel that it’s worth it,” he said. “Apple makes great products. We’ve been having, really, a lot of fun. I’ve been camping out with my friends, family so I’ve never been bored any minute. I’m having a great time.”

Many fans waiting in Palo Alto were surprised to see Apple CEO Tim Cook opening the store doors at 8 a.m.

KPIX 5 Reporter Kiet Do managed to snap a selfie with Apple’s head honcho.

In the end, Patrick Tuntland from Norway was the first person to buy an iPhone 6 at the Palo Alto store.

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So the question stands to soon-to-be buyers. Are you going to go big or bigger?

In this world, size matters. But is the iPhone Plus at 5.5 inches too big for women’s hands?

At first reviewers through so and that Apple would see its first gender divide between the two phones.

But women are saying otherwise.

“I prefer the large size actually,” said one customer waiting in line. Another said, “I think the iPhone is too small — the previous iPhone is just too small.”

Over at CNET, Senior Editor Brian Tong says he doesn’t agree with the early reviews. And if anything, you might find more generational gap in the selection of phones, versus a gender gap.

“As people are getting older in age, they need a bigger screen to see,” Tong said. “That’s probably the biggest advantage of having the larger screen, forget about whether you can carry it around or not, just by having a larger screen people want it, want to see more.”



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