By Christin Ayers

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – A San Francisco landlord thought she would give exchange students from Ireland a break on rent for staying in her home. But a break doesn’t begin to describe what she discovered when they moved out.

Friday was supposed to be the day Ritu Vohra got her Sunset District rental home back from the students. Instead, she walked into a nightmare. “Speechless, actually, my mind was speechless,” Vohra told KPIX 5.

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Vohra said there was broken glass throughout the home, including broken chandeliers. “I mean, how do you get it off the ceiling, unless you swung from it or something?” she said.

The property owner said the renters broke through a wall. “The security deposit would cover nothing – not even the windows,” Vohra said.

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And then, there are the bedrooms. “I mean clean up after yourself. It’s fine that you have a great sex life, but really? Leaving used condoms on the floor, and dirty panties?” Vohra said.

Vohra didn’t have to rent this home to foreign exchange students. But she herself once came to America on a work-study visa, so she wanted to give other students a break in the most expensive rental market in the country. “I was doing it to be nice,” she said.

The students have all gone back to Ireland, having left their mess in San Francisco. “How drunk would you have to be? How angry would you have to be? How violent would you have to be?” Vohra said. “I have nothing personal against them. But I at least want to recover the damage they’ve done.”

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The Irish Consulate told KPIX 5 that every effort will be made to account for those damages. Officials said the offending students could be prohibited from ever returning to the United States.