MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS SF) – The hometown of Google and LinkedIn is also the best place in the Bay Area to find a well-to-do mate, according to Money Magazine, which just came out with its annual lists of the best places to live.

While the Bay Area didn’t fare all that well on the overall Top 50 Places to Live list, we did rank prominently on several of the smaller lists, including Top Earning Towns and Best Places to Bike. We were nowhere to be found on the Best Big City Bargains list, to nobody’s surprise.

Only Mountain View made the Rich and Single list for its “disproportionate number of wealthy people who aren’t yet paired off.”

“To create this list, we considered all places where singles represent at least 30% of the population, then ranked the cities by median income,” says Money.

Mountain View ranked tenth overall with 36 percent singles, well behind number one pick Brookline, Mass, where 44 percent of the populace is unhitched.  

Mountain View certainly makes sense from on the “rich” criteria: Google, LinkedIn and other other tech giants in nearby bergs employ a ton of young professionals that earn a healthy paycheck. Money says the median family income in the town of 77,000 is just shy of $117,000. But it’s the single part that is more confusing because the South Bay has a bit of a reputation for being over-saturated with single men, and it doesn’t look like the survey took that into account.

Recent payroll numbers from the likes of Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Facebook show that about 85 percent of the tech-related jobs at the firms are filled by men, meaning that a lot of the folks on that Rich and single list may have trouble finding someone in their own tax bracket to date.

Earlier this year, a startup announced plans to actually import women from New York to date Silicon Valley men.

What has your experience been?