FILLMORE (CBS/AP) — Pumpkins grown inside plastic molds to resemble Frankenstein’s head are in high demand for Halloween.

A Southern California farmer who spent four years perfecting the ghoulish gourd says he’s harvested 5,500 of the “Pumpkinsteins” and has already sold out.

Tony Dighera tells the Los Angeles Daily News ( orders are flooding in from Japan, Denmark and the United Arab Emirates—despite the roughly $100 per pumpkin price tag.

Dighera began tinkering with his organic crops by growing square and heart-shaped watermelons. Then he came up with the macabre idea for a pumpkin the shape of Frankenstein’s head. He said he worked through more than a dozen pumpkin-growing cycles to get the gourd to be shaped like Frankenstein’s head.

He says nobody thinks the naturally grown pumpkins are real.

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