SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A church in San Francisco’s Parkside neighborhood is getting into the spirit of the Giants third playoff run in the past five seasons, suggesting that the hand of god might be behind the franchises unprecedented run of West Coast success.

Saint Cecilia Catholic Church on 17th Avenue posted a message last week on their sign in front that read, “Sunsets are orange and black – Yes! God is a Giants fan.”

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The message has received attention from the team’s official Twitter account:

The church has posted other pro-Giants messages. A Twitter user took this photo of the sign when it read, “Thou shall not steal unless you are a Giant on first base.”

The tradition of posting topical messages on the sign – not all of them about sports – was started by Msgr. Harriman for lent this year. He says the first quite really seemed to spark conversation.

“Honk if you love Jesus. Text while driving and you might meet him.”

The signs are changed each Saturday, with the help of high school students. This week’s sign is a quote from San Francisco’s own Joe DiMaggio: “‘When baseball is no longer fun, it’s no longer a game’ we’re having Giant fun.”

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If the Giants win one of the next three games against Washington they’ll advance to face the winner of the St. Louis-Los Angeles series. Harriman hasn’t decided what will be on the sign if they get that far.

“If we play the Dodgers I’ll have to be very careful to be Christian,” said Harriman.

Harriman said he’s been a San Francisco baseball fan dating back to the San Francisco Seals era. He doesn’t know if the signs have boosted attendance, but they have generated conversation among his congregation.

According to the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute, a poll taken earlier this year found about 26 percent of sports fans report praying to God to help their team, while more than 7-in-10 said they have never done this.


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