MOUNTAIN VIEW (CBS SF) – Google’s strange looking Street View cameras are known to turn heads on Bay Area streets, so just imagine the response when it was spotted atop the hump of a camel in the southern deserts of the United Arab Emirates.

The four-legged tour guide captured some spectacular images of of the Liwa Desert as part of a promotional video for the area, south west of Abu Dhabi.

The video does make trudging though the desert look more appealing than you probably ever imagined. Here it is:

Closer to home, the company released Street View footage of some local state parks.

“The newly mapped parks and beaches — aside from Mount Tam — include: Tomales Bay, Point Lobos, Angel Island and Marina State Beach. Using Street View, people can now take a virtual trip to the parks and beaches and trek along popular trails,” reports CNET.

Google is looking to expand the park program, which uses cameras mounted on the backs of hikers.



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