SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — As ridesharing services continue to grow in popularity, the Better Business Bureau has given failing grades to Uber and Lyft.

According to CNET, the ridesharing services both received an “F.” In the case of Uber, the grade is based on 90 complaints sent to the BBB over the past three years.

“Consumer complaints allege misunderstanding Uber Technologies’ pricing, being misinformed about the overall cost of the services rendered, and not being made aware of ‘surge pricing,’ or temporary increases in the company’s charges,” the BBB said on its website.

In one of the complaints, a customer accuses Uber charging $710 for a 9.7 mile drive without being notified of the surge charge and said the company would not refund.

Other consumers said they also had issues contacting Uber’s customer service. The bureau also said Uber was unresponsive to their request for a response to the pattern of complaints.

Lyft’s grade is based on five complaints the Better Business Bureau received. The bureau said their grade was lowered because Lyft did not respond to three of those complaints.

The low ratings come as ridesharing services face increased scrutiny by prosecutors in San Francisco and Los Angeles, alleging the companies are engaging in “illegal” practices.

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