SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A Milpitas woman’s once-a-month habit of buying a lottery ticket paid off in a big way last week as she hit the top scratcher jackpot of $5 million.

Nga Pham began buying the $20 tickets four months ago and was close to breaking even on the experiment before plunking down her money at the Me-Kong Supermarket on Capitol Avenue October 5th. Now she can pay off her house with plenty to spare.

“The first month she won $20, the second month nothing, the third month she won a free ticket and the fourth month she won $5 million,” reports the California Lottery.

Lottery officials say she hasn’t yet planned any extravagant purchases.

“She’s only known she was a millionaire for less than 24 hours, so can you blame her?” asked lottery officials.

Here’s how the $5 million scratcher game works.