SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Amending San Francisco’s plastic water bottle ban was the subject of this past week’s Board of Supervisors hearing. As of October 1st, events with access to onsite water have been prohibited from selling bottled water.

The ban applies to large-scale events, permitted vendors and city properties. City departments are now asking how long it will take to get the legislation implemented.

David Briggs with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission told supervisors, while they’ve installed temporary connections for drinkable water at big events like Bay To Breakers and America’s Cup; installing permanent connections is an unregulated area that needs to be formalized.

Briggs said it could take up to six months to work with agencies in San Francisco like the city’s Department of Public Health who have regulatory authority to work out drinking water permits.

SF Board of Supervisors President David Chiu who authored the legislation said with so many departments involved and questions about who’s in charge of implementation that an amendment to his legislation may be needed. However, he added that he hopes not to have to do that.