SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – An animal rights group said they would continue to target restaurants after one of their members stormed into a San Francisco restaurant and gave a tearful speech urging diners not to eat meat.

Kelly Atlas of Direct Action Everywhere entered Bluestem Brasserie and spoke out on the plight of her chicken Snow, in a videotaped speech that has gone viral. As of late Monday night, the video had more than 573,000 views.

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Atlas and others said they want equal rights for all animals, not just cats, dogs and other non-food species.

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“We’re so enraged when we hear someone hurting a dog or a cat, but because of this ‘speciesism’ in our minds, we don’t think twice about a chicken being hurt or a pig or a cow,” Atlas told KPIX 5.

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Snow was rescued from an egg ranch, Atlas said, when Snow’s egg production peaked.

“I see the suffering that she faced, and I’m so happy that I took her out of there and I want the same for every animal,” Atlas said.

The group, with its Bay Area hub in an Oakland apartment, said it’s not their first action on the behalf of animals and it won’t be their last.

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Direct Action Everywhere said they are always looking for new restaurants to spread their message. Members also conducted a similar action in Dallas last week.