With the 25th anniversary of the destructive Loma Prieta earthquake on Friday, local, state and federal agencies were reminding Bay Area residents how to stay prepared.

1. The greatest risk of injury during a quake is from falling objects. For that reason, the most common advice during an earthquake is to “drop, cover and hold on.” The expression refers to getting underneath a sturdy piece of furniture like a table to protect from falling objects and to hold onto it in case it moves across the floor in the course of the shaking. To practice “drop, cover and hold on,” as many as 10 million Californians participated in the “Great California Shakeout” Thursday on the eve of the Loma Prieta anniversary.

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2. Take the time to secure objects affixed to walls or in cabinets. An earthquake strap affixed to a flat screen TV can help prevent the device from falling during an earthquake and can serve as a theft deterrent, as well.

3. Add a child safety latch to glassware cabinets that can help avoid glass falling on floors and breaking, creating a risk of injury from walking on broken glass.

4. Add earthquake putty to the bottom of decorative items on shelves to prevent them from falling.

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5. Remember, standard homeowner’s insurance in California does not typically cover earthquakes, but a separate policy can be purchased to cover damage from temblors.

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