SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — An estimated 16 thousand senior citizens living in San Francisco’s Richmond District with about a quarter of those living alone. Many are unable to go shopping on their own.

That’s why, this fall, Linda Murley and Sarah Huck launched a grocery-delivery service for senior shut-ins operating from the Richmond District Neighborhood Center. It’s an all-volunteer program and, so far, it’s as popular with the volunteers as it is with the seniors they serve.

“The good that it does is immeasurable,” volunteer Carol Rothman told KPIX.

Sarah Huck says the need goes beyond merely getting food to the elderly. Seniors, stuck in their homes, need personal contact and Huck wants to enlist even more support for her neighborhood family service.

“Now more than ever we need volunteers and people in the community keeping an eye out for isolated seniors in the neighborhood,” she said.

Richmond District Neighborhood Center
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