OAKLAND (CBS SF)_  Seven people from an Oakland group based within the city’s Black Muslim Temple have been arrested on allegations they submitted false information while seeking government security contracts.

According to Bay Area News Group (BANG), law enforcement officials conducted simultaneous raids Tuesday morning at a West Oakland-building  and in Contra Costa County.  A Black Muslim Temple minister, his mothers and five others were taken into custody.

Alameda County prosecutors say BMT International Security Services lied about insurance coverage and other matters in obtaining or seeking contracts with Los Angeles agencies, Alameda County, Vallejo, Oakland, the Port of Oakland and Newport Beach.

Part of the scam, according to BANG, was that they’d say their security guards were retired Navy Seals and that their leader, a former FBI agenty.

The Oakland Tribune reported that Black Muslim Temple, where BMT is located, was included in the raid and is a spinoff of the now-defunct Your Black Muslim Bakery.

The newspaper lists Dahood Sharieff Bey, 42, his mother Rory Parker, 63, and Basheer Fard Muhammad, 62, Qadirah Najeebah Bey, 39, Jameelah Aasma Muhammad Bey, 39, Billie Latrice Poindexter, 33, and Ira Barnard Dickerson Jr., 53. among those who were arrested.